Bella Italia

I am in Italy, it’s pretty nice here..

Georgina and I went to the beach today..

Dinner with CS’ers

Amsterdam CouchSurfers have a gathering every Saturday night at an old bar down the canal from my place, Saturday just gone was my 2nd time attending and I found it really cool.. again, I met some new CS’ers, and caught up with some I met a fortnight earlier. The sense of community is really nice. The following day I hung out with 4 guys I met there; 2 Swiss and 2 Brits, and ended up hosting the 2 Brits as they would have been on the street otherwise, plus I do have the room. It was real cool, we all hung out with the Swiss for the 3 days the 4 guys chilled in Amsterdam. Last night they cooked me a lovely vego pasta dish. Just now I saw them all off at Centraal Station, 2 to Germany and 2 to England.

I heaps enjoyed hosting these guys, and when I move out of home again, maybe next year if I move to Melbourne, I want to host regularly.. if possible.

That settles it..

Bologna is a lived-in, stress free, and prosperous North Italian city, noted by locals for the fact that it has not been ruined by mass international tourism though Italian tourists flock here during the main holidays. In recent years, though, the city has grown more popular with overseas travelers. It is an excellent destination for a few days’ stopover between Milan or Venice and Florence, especially if you like good food!

..I’m going to Bologna, mid September.

Nice type


Oooh Cat Power you are amazingly talented!


Yesterday I helped my friend Cati customize some boots to be exhibited for the store opening of Palladium ( on the Liedsestraat this afternoon, where Cati will be creating some more accessories and customizing more boots.


Oh shit, it’s been a while since I last posted, been a little too busy I suppose. Have been down into Belgium and stayed a night in Brugge with my girlfriend Georgina, that was an excellent trip, we drank loads of amazing Belgian beers! Also caught the train down to Den Haag and sussed out the M.C. Escher museum (second time for me) and had a nice time down there.

Now I have about 1 week left of work, then it’s relaxing until the end of August.. 3 weeks I think, closer to the end of the month I’ll hopefully leave town and make my way to Bruxelles with Georgina, catch up with a friend of hers and my cousins, then.. Italy.. rendezvous with some friends in M√ľnchen, then I dunno. In the meantime, I like this illustration found on….